The man tried to “chip” the brain with a drill to control dreams

The man tried to “chip” the brain with a drill to control dreams

A former resident of Novosibirsk, Mikhail Raduga, decided to “chip” his brain with a drill, hoping to begin to control dreams in such a non-standard way.

As reported by the Telegram channel Base, a 40-year-old man recently living in Alma-Ata, arranged a trephination in his own home. To prepare for this operation, he watched a large number of videos on YouTube about the work of neurosurgeons. He elaborated on the knowledge gained by performing “operations” on 5 sheep.

Then Rainbow, having bought a drill at a hardware store, drilled holes into his head, clipped the skin together, and implanted an electrode into his brain. Later, on his page on the VKontakte social network, the experimenter claimed that she “did not have enough real experience in surgery, which led to heavy blood loss and other difficulties that miraculously did not cost her life.”

The man admitted that he had the idea of ​​going to neurosurgeons to install the implant, but due to “criminal risks and other well-known facts”, everything failed. Therefore, he decided to “expand the idea of ​​human capabilities” independently.

Vera Sergeeva.