a ‘quarrel’ in the middle of the street fuels rumors of a crisis

Belén Esteban and her husband, Miguel, face new rumors of a crisis in their marriage. Hours before starting her great American adventure, hand in hand with Netflix, Paracuellos denied these speculations about the delicate moment that her marriage was experiencing, claiming that she was not going to get into anything and stating that there was no issue. “Some people want me to come in but I’m not going to give them the pleasure,” said the television collaborator. However, the ‘runrún’ has returned after the statements by Mónika Vergara in the program ‘Fiesta de verano’. Apparently, according to the collaborator and we collect in the video above, Belén and Miguel had a discussion in a central street in Madrid.

“Shortly before she left, it’s twelve in the morning on a daily day and what the person who sees everything tells me, who is also a very reliable source, is that a dark car arrives, a large SUV, he leaves it parked in the second row and Miguel, Belén’s husband, gets out of the car. He approaches the car, opens the door and at that moment they tell me that they had been arguing, that they had a very heated discussion”, Mónika recounted.

The television collaborator adds that “all the people who were there were very surprised because Belén did not skimp on shouting nor in hand gestures. She can see that she is noticeably angry and at all times they tell me that Miguel is stunned, who does not dare to refute anythingneither contradict him nor say anything nor stop Belén in her anger and she remains petrified seeing the reaction of her who is his wife”.

Despite this information, in the same television program, other collaborators denied that the marriage was in crisis. “What hurts her the most is that her mother doubted that this was true. She had to travel to Benidorm with Miguel to tell him that nothing was wrong,” said journalist Marisa Martín-Blázquez.

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