Putin gave Russian regions the right to decide the fate of homeless animals for themselves | In Russia | Politics

Russian leader Vladimir Putin on Monday signed a law that allows the country’s regions to determine their own rules for dealing with stray animals. The document is published on the official legal information portal.

Specifically, subjects received the right to monitor the number and population of stray animals, use detention centers, register dogs regionally, place animals in programs, and conduct preferential neutering. At the same time, this business must meet all legal requirements.

Previously, federal law required regional authorities to capture stray animals, place them in shelters, sterilize and vaccinate them, and then return them to their former habitats. Now the regions have received the right to introduce standards for the treatment of stray animals without taking into account these requirements.

Also, local governments can now establish places for walking animals.

Recall that Putin also signed a law banning gender reassignment in Russia.