Badajoz lowers the price of season tickets and eliminates the club’s half-days

‘I don’t know why it will be…’ It was the hook that Badajoz has used to create expectation in recent weeks around the season ticket campaign. The club itself, through its social networks, challenged the black and white fans to guess the second part of a sentence that is the backbone of attracting followers to accompany the team at the Nuevo Vivero in a transition season. ‘It will be because I love you’, reads the slogan that was unveiled this weekend in a spot in which Paco Herrera, representatives of the clubs and fans of different ages intervened.

Inspired by the popular song ‘Sarà perche ti amo’, originating from the Italian group Ricchi e Poveri and which has had multiple versions, it has been the ‘leit motiv’ chosen with a clear emotional aspect. In this way they have wanted to convey that despite the fact that the incentives are scarce after the relegation, the vicissitudes of recent years, the economic, legal, judicial and institutional setbacks, that deep feeling is the unbreakable bastion to maintain loyalty.

And that appeal has been the transversal axis that marks the entire promotion. “There is no explanation,” he wielded about the magnetism generated by the black and white club by its president, Luis Díaz-Ambrona, the only representative of Badajoz in a watered-down press conference in which the foundations of a campaign were laid in which there are some novelties.

First of all, the prices are lower than last year after downgrading, there will be no club half days as in previous years and the south end will be closed to the public (which will be enabled for visiting fans when necessary), so that those who have cards in that area will be relocated with a discount of ten euros. In addition, the entertainment stands and the clubs that so wish will move to sector 5 of the north end, which will mean that those who were located in that area last year will have to choose another location, receiving a discount of ten euros as compensation.

Regarding the figure that the property has been set as a target, the manager was very hesitant about it and set it at about 4,000. Season tickets can begin to be purchased in person at the stadium offices from Monday to Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. They are also available ‘online’ through the website and the club provides an address for consultation: [email protected]

Regarding renewals, they can be made from this Monday until August 6, relocations will take place from August 9 to 11 and can only be made in the same sectors of origin or in those with higher amounts. Finally, new registrations will begin to be processed from August 14.

The card provides a 10% discount on purchases in the club store and will give access to the matches of the subsidiary, the women’s team and the youth team. As for the clubs with agreements and the quarry, they can be paid in sector 2 preferably (115 euros adults and 70 youth) or in 6 of the north fund (75 and 55 euros), while the price of the child card is 35 euros.

The prices are as follows: In a VIP box, new registration 600 and renewal 450 euros; in the central grandstand, 250-200 for adults, 160-120 for youth and 100-70 for children; Lateral grandstand, 230-180 for adults, 140-110 for youth and 60-40 for children; preference, 120-100 for adults, 80-55 for youth and 40-30, children; and deep, for adults 95-70; youth, 70-40 and children, 40-30. For the entertainment stands, adults 75-55, youth 65-35 and children 35-25 euros.