Villanovense starts with eleven new faces and ten already known

Day of reunions, also of presentations; brand new boots or dust off last season’s; joking about the sizes of the new kits or commenting on the holiday destinations… That is usually, in short, the first day of preseason. This Monday was that of Villanovense who got up early for their first session at the municipal stadium, bringing together ten familiar faces and eleven new ones.

Ángel Pajuelo and Javi Sánchez, after half their lives at the club, are called to lead this project from their seniority under the orders of José González ‘Gus’ who, unlike last year, starts the season from scratch. “It’s a project from scratch and it gives you the opportunity to continue training a Second RFEF team… Very excited,” said the Serón coach in statements to TODAY after a first work session that was more of a contact in which, yes, he noticed a good predisposition on the part of all the players. “They are also excited”, he affirms, “although we know that the road is going to be very hard because of the group that has touched us, but we are eleven against eleven and we have to work hard”.

Analyzing last season, with the team on the verge of playing in the playoffs, Gus understands that they must write another chapter in the book this season. The first lines, he says, must be “to form a good team, that is competitive and that all the players are plugged in.”

The serón coach, who arrived last December after Manolo Cano’s goodbye, positively values ​​having been able to renew ten players, above all, “because they already know how we work”; while regarding the new ones he values ​​that they arrive “with great enthusiasm”.

Satisfied with the squad that is being formed, currently with 21 players, he advances that they would like to close it with 22. “We have seen something, but nothing closed,” he says about a market in which they are still looking for a left-handed central defender or a midfielder, both under 23. “It’s what we want, but we’ll see what the market has in store for us,” he qualifies, “we are Villanovense and we know that when teams with superior resources appear we have nothing to do; we must be patient and know what we want.”

In addition to the 21 players, Gus will have three youth players in preseason who will rotate in order to also analyze what the División de Honor can contribute, “which I know is quite interesting.”

In any case, the squad leaves a wide range of ages, from Julián Martínez’s 19 years or Óscar and Farrell’s 20 to Pajuelo and Javi Sánchez’s 35 or David Agudo’s 34. “We wanted this mix of youth and veterans, for the team to have the packaging and experience of the most veterans and then the hunger to come excited to a new project, with some players even making their debut in the category”, explains Gus.

In that youth, Javier Tapia will not finally be there who, after failing to reach a renewal agreement, has gone to Don Benito. «He has been with me for a long time, I have nothing but words of gratitude for everything he has done for me, for La Cruz and for Villanovense; I wish him the best », he says about the one who has been his pupil for years.

After that page of the new chapter to be written, the serón technician does not set classification objectives for the moment. “The first thing is to grow as a team, assimilate all the concepts that we want as a coaching staff, accumulate sessions and make a good wardrobe, which is our key, make a family,” he explains about these weeks of preseason in which he intends to instill a clear philosophy: “Villanovense cannot get out of his DNA; we must flee from everything that is not work and humility”.