Belén Esteban and Kiko Hernández enjoy the beauty of Miami

Those of ‘Save me’ have become masters and masters of Miami. Last week we saw how Netfilx shared a video in which the collaborators say goodbye to their loved ones to cross the pond. Once there, they have conquered everyone with the spontaneity that characterizes them. Belén Esteban and company attended a program as social gatherings to talk about the information that the collaborators, including the Spanish Álex Rodríguez, brought to the set, such as Shakira’s new award. They felt like a fish in water and the collaborators of the program hallucinated with the self-confidence of the Spanish.

Not everything is work. The team is also enjoying all that Miami has to offer. Belén Esteban is being one of the protagonists of this new project, and we did not expect less from Paracuellos. The collaborator and her great friend and colleague, Kiko Hernández, They took advantage of their free time to enjoy a bath in a luxurious pool. The affection they have for each other is gigantic and the collaborator dedicated some nice words to Esteban.

“After 14 years…we’re still together…and what’s left…”, the collaborator wrote, making a public promise to his friend and his loyal followers. There are many fans who have been orphaned after the end of ‘Save me’, and these words are quite hopeful for those who want to see them again on television.

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