One of the organizers of the PARI Premier Cup compared it to the Champions League

One of the organizers of the PARI Premier Cup compared it to the Champions League.

– Is it possible to call the tournament commercially successful for the organizers? How did you manage to cover the costs?

– I wouldn’t like to name numbers, but, of course, sponsorship contracts play a huge role, in particular, the contract of the title sponsor. At the same time, it should be noted that this is a win-win situation for all parties: us, as organizers, our partners who receive an extensive inventory, teams and fans who can follow the preparation of their favorite teams at a new level.

If we talk about us, “Match” receives excellent content at a time when there are few events in Russian football, receives exclusive speakers from the participating teams and, accordingly, additional citation. In the end, it gets recognition and a certain advertising inventory. That is, we are talking not only about finances in absolute terms, but also in many respects about the cost of the product.

We want to be visible and bright in the media, not only creating newsworthy events, but also performing the function of supporting our sport. Therefore, many events receive our informational support or even our own production.

In addition to the football cup, we had experience with diving, with the organization of a martial arts tournament. “Street games MATCH!” took place in Kazan – Festival of street sports organized by the Ministry of Sports of the Republic.

– Why did you decide to make a tournament with the participation of only one RPL team this year?

– A big factor here is the preparation calendar for the season, which is different for everyone. It does not suit someone, someone does not like to go to another city. We were interested in the plans of several top RPL teams, whether they have a desire to participate in the tournament. It could have turned out that we would have seen another Moscow team at the current tournament.

– At a press conference before the start of the cup, the participants said that this was the level of the Champions League, or at least the Europa League.

For me it’s the Champions League. Group stage. Crvena Zvezda is already playing in it, Fenerbahce is the owner of the Turkish Cup, Neftchi is the bronze medalist of the Azerbaijani championship. All are European Cup participants. We held a Champions League tournament on our own.

– Under what conditions did Zenit’s rivals come? How much did they get? Did the clubs bear part of the costs? Did Zenith cover them at least partially?

– The prize fund of the tournament is indicated in the regulations – it amounted to 50 thousand euros or 5 million rubles. All expenses for accommodation, flights, meals, refereeing teams, training fields are borne by the organizers of the tournament. So it was when our teams met at foreign training camps in the framework of past tournaments, – said Dmitry Ryzhkov, First Deputy General Producer of Match TV.