Vicky Martín Berrocal’s new change of look: “she has gone crazy”

You don’t have to wait for a new year to start to change. When a year begins we all want to change habits or bet on a new look but summer is also perfect for daring with something new and adventurous. Vicky Martín Berrocal has decided to change her look to enjoy the summer with a new image. The change has been so great that even his daughter Alba Díaz hallucinated when he showed her the result.

The designer is enjoying some ideal days of vacation on the French Riviera, specifically in Antibes, and there she has taken the opportunity to venture into a change of look. She exactly she has to do with her mane, and it is that Vicky has gone from long hair to medium length. Although at first she only wanted to cut it a bit, as she saw the result she was encouraged and asked the hairdresser to cut a little more until she achieved the final bob cut. You have to experiment and the result is impressive.

“They have had to spend 50 to say goodbye to my long hair,” wrote the designer in a carousel of photos of the most favored with her new look. “And that?” Alba asked, with her mouth open, to which she added, “She’s gone crazy.” Her sister was just as amazed but everyone seems to like the Andalusian change. Through the networks, she has also received many “likes” and comments like Anabel Pantoja’s. “You’re crazy,” the Sevillian wrote to her and her sister told her affectionately: “I love it… you’re a brat”

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