Fabiola Martínez’s sharp response to the matter of Bertín Osborne and Chabeli Navarro

The figure of Bertín Osborne captures all eyes. Since his new paternity with Gabriela Guillén was known, the expectation that the Andalusian has had has been great. It has also been known that his daughter Claudia is expecting another girl, so he will be a father and a grandfather at the same time. A novel that seems to have no end, since Chabeli Navarro, the singer’s ex, confessed that she was also about to have a mother with the artist but supposedly he convinced her not to go ahead with the pregnancy.

This Monday, July 24, Bertín Osborne sent a statement to the “Así es la vida” program to give his version of the facts about his relationship with Chabeli Navarro. “Once the initial anger was over, I called her to tell her that she would help and support whatever she decided and would do a paternity test. If the son was mine, I would assume all responsibility for him as his mother.”, recounted the artist to later demonstrate that he and the Sevillian signed a pact before a notary. What does his ex-wife Fabiola Martínez know about this subject?

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The Venezuelan has been this afternoon in ‘And now, Sonsoles’ and has preferred to choose not to get into a story that has nothing to do with her. “Fabiola, I admire you. If I were in your skin, I would have already exploded,” a colleague told her, who highlighted how “overwhelming” this situation can be. “How is it going to be overwhelming if it’s not your life? You have to empathize with the protagonists. I am not the protagonist, “the model answered emphatically. “Everyone thinks that I was born the day I met Bertín. It seems that I have not had another life. I came to Bertín’s life already lived. I already had my tables of the world and of life”.

“And it would not occur to you to have an unprotected relationship under any circumstances”, Sonsoles Ónega told her and Fabiola was honest about the subject because she usually has conversations with the youngest, since with adults she considers that “They already have a conscience.” “It is not for a pregnancy issue, but for protection for your health. In addition, papilloma is one of the most common sexually transmitted diseases and that affects women seriously, in many cases, with cancer. So, I think you have to have a little awareness on this issue.”


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