In Turkey, a woman fell off a cliff during her engagement | Accidents

Turkey’s Yesim Demir has died after falling off a cliff during her engagement, Newsflash reports.

The incident occurred at Cape Polente in Canakkale. According to the publication, the woman died minutes after accepting the proposal of her lover. She fell from a height of more than 30 meters and crashed into rocks.

Nizamettin Gursu said that he chose a place for the engagement in a romantic place where many people come to watch the sunset.

According to him, he went to the car to get food and at that moment he heard the cry of the bride.

Doctors were unable to save the woman. All circumstances of the accident are established by law enforcement agencies.

It was previously reported that in Dagestan a girl fell off a cliff while trying to make an extreme jump off a cliff with a climbing rope. She got hurt.

It also became known that at a wedding in Pakistan a bus crashed into a crowd of people. Eight people died and nine others were injured.

In Bangladesh, lightning killed at least 17 wedding attendees.