Alexandra Trusova believes that there is no sincere friendship in women’s figure skating

Alexandra Trusova believes that there is no sincere friendship in women’s figure skating.

– Mark Mark, and girlfriends? Who are you friends with, are they skaters or from other sports?

– There is none of them.

– No girlfriends?

– No. I have always talked only with figure skaters and I think that there can be no girlfriends in figure skating. Friends, as Mark tells me, they have – in men’s skating. As for women, I don’t think so.

– Don’t believe in women’s friendship? Especially if they are rivals.

– I don’t know about women’s, but in sports, I think not. If you are on the same team, if it is a team sport, it is possible, but in a personal one, no.

– Did you understand from childhood that you would not have girlfriends in figure skating?

Well, not from childhood. Probably from the age of 11.

– Sasha, I think you are not finishing something. It seems to me that there was some case in life when you broke off wildly and decided: that’s it, I won’t have any girlfriends, I won’t open my heart.

– No, in fact, there were no bright cases.

– But there were disappointments, since you came to such a conclusion.

– I think that sincerely no one will be friends. It’s my opinion. There were no situations, probably, it’s just how I was brought up. I have a very large family and I have always been with my family. There were no friends.

– That is, there are enough brothers, enough mothers. Do I get it right? Mom is your best friend?

– In general, yes. Well, dogs, I have six dogs, ”Trusova said in the Daring Cooking show.

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