Matkapital is proposed to be invested in domestic companies

Matkapital offers to invest in domestic companies

The LDPR faction presented an initiative that will allow the use of maternity capital funds for investments in Russian companies.

As the party leader Leonid Slutsky said on his Telegram channel, such an investment has many advantages. According to him, by investing in Russian companies, the family will be able to “save and increase funds, at least through the deduction of investment taxes.” There will also be tangible benefits for the country’s economy, since “today it will receive much-needed investment.” At the same time, the deputy admitted that to implement this idea it is necessary to improve the financial education of the population, “which the Central Bank is already doing today.”

Slutsky said the proposal also includes investment insurance, ensuring that the Russians will be able to keep the initial amount of the mother’s capital in any case.

Vera Sergeeva.

Photo: Adobe Stock