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Volunteers participating in SVO will be insured

The working group on issues of a special military operation (SVO) submitted to the State Duma deputies a draft law providing for compulsory state insurance of voluntary participants in a special operation on the territory of Ukraine.

Andrey Turchak, First Deputy Head of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, explained the need for this initiative on his Telegram channel. He clarified that the insurance law has already been approved by parliamentarians. However, the document does not apply to those who went to the front voluntarily, because “the order is not prescribed.”

According to the senator, the approval of this law will provide volunteers with insurance on the same terms as other military personnel. He also stressed that the document will have a retroactive effect, that is, those who joined the troops before the approval of the initiative will also have the right to health and life insurance.

Turchak said that this bill has already received a positive response from the government.

Vera Sergeeva.

Photo kremlin.ru