Sergey Pinyaev will not move to Zenit from Lokomotiv this summer

Sergey Pinyaev will not move to Zenit from Lokomotiv this summer.

According to insider Ivan Karpov, Petersburgers have been following Sergey for a long time and are very sorry that they did not sign him before moving to Lokomotiv.

Despite this, Zenit does not consider Pinyaev as a player who can replace Malcolm in this transfer window. There is an unspoken agreement between the management of Loko and the player’s side that Sergey will remain in the team for at least another year.

Pinyaev’s departure is possible only through the activation of the release clause specified in his contract with Loko. Their amount is 600 million rubles (about 6 million euros).

In the case of the transfer of Pinyaev, it will also be necessary to pay an agency fee and pay a lift to the player in the amount of 400 million rubles (about 4 million euros). Thus, the total cost of Sergei will exceed 10 million euros.

It is noted that Pinyaev does not want to play for Zenit while Russian clubs are suspended from European competition. He is aiming for a move to a top European club, so he will refuse a transfer to Zenit, even if the club activates his release clause.

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