Ana Rosa Quintana says goodbye to ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’ in an emotional farewell

Ana Rosa Quintana closes a professional cycle, but also a personal one. And she does it by revealing one of her best kept secrets: her real name.. The presenter says goodbye to her morning hearing on July 25. ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’, her program, says goodbye to the Telecinco grill after almost two decades. “19 seasons is a lifetime. I have seen life, my life, go by sitting on the set between January 10, 2005 and July 25, 2023. Now I will leave that place that has been my home. I don’t want to look back, but I have the feeling of leaving my family, like when you leave home at 18 years old. I am aware that a wonderful period with my family is coming to an end, but at the same time I am looking forward to knowing what the future will hold for me in the new season. I know that I have to find my life in a new environment, start from scratch. I am aware that nobody is going to give me anything and that the audience data must be fought for every day. I feel that emptiness that you have left when you stop seeing your loved ones every morning and the vertigo that comes from changing habits. But as the saying goes, nobody wrote about cowards,” said the presenter a few days ago.

TV Capture

This Tuesday has been unforgettable for her and her entire team. Dressed in a turquoise Pinko jumpsuit, the presenter has done the latest editorial of her. “This program that begins and almost ends I will not forget”were his first words before giving way to the political table.

The program has continued with its usual trend, without making many references to the end of the magazine. But it has been a day of revelations. In the society section they talked about the real names of Tamara Falcó and Íñigo Onieva. Both have compound names: she, Tamara Isabel, and he, Íñigo Andrés. It was then when, after the comments of one of the collaborators, The presenter said: “Well, if I tell you mine… Ana Rosa Tatiana Isabel de la Virgen del Carmen”has said almost in a circle.

Ana Rosa (the name by which we all know them) has assured that she does not like goodbyes and has revealed the request she has made to her team. “I have strongly asked all my colleagues, Chelo and you (Joaquín), to I do not want to do anything. It’s hard enough for me to leave. When I got here, I had an older son, who was in his teens, the little ones had just been born… and now I have an older son who is a magnificent lawyer who is over 30, and the newborns, who were a month and a half old and now have a driver’s license. What can I say, I have spent a third of my life on this sofa”, she said excitedly. And she added: “They want me to cry”.


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