Competition does not sanction Valverde

Tuesday, July 25, 2023, 12:48 p.m.

The Competition Committee leaves Fede Valverde without sanction for the ‘Baena case’. The agency has archived the file opened on the Real Madrid footballer for his alleged assault on the Villarreal player Álex Baena and has accepted the allegations presented by the white club after the Madrid Examining Court Number 46 ordered the dismissal of the case.

In this way, Competition dismisses the proposal of the investigating judge of the Federation, who requested a five-game sanction for the Uruguayan after the complaint for assault filed by Baena with the Police and the subsequent statements by the Villarreal player and Odriozola as a witness.

He is inclined to accept Madrid’s allegations, following the line set by ordinary justice, which at the time did not find conclusive evidence of the attack, since “the commission of the crime that has led to the formation of the cause is not duly justified.”