Joaquín Prat’s tearful goodbye to Ana Rosa Quintana at the end of ‘El programa de Ana Rosa’

Ana Rosa Quintana never thought to say goodbye to his homonymous program‘The Ana Rosa program’, but after 18 years on the air, that door closes and another opens for the presenter known as ‘queen of mornings’, who in September, after her holidays, can become ‘the queen of the afternoons’ with her new program that, coincidentally, will be broadcast from what was the set of ‘Save me’. After starting her journey on January 10, 2005, this July 25, 2023 she has broadcast her last live broadcast very excited throughout the morning, and many of his collaborators and colleagues have wanted to dedicate a ‘see you later’but without a doubt everything was tinged with the color of ‘goodbye’, although she herself He wanted to make it clear that “it only goes to the end of the corridor”referring to Mediaset studios.

Many colleagues have had some nice parting words, but without a doubt Joaquín Prat, his right hand, has been one of the most emotionalas he has shown on other occasions, and it has been 14 years presenting at his side different spaces and sections in the program, so Ana Rosa already occupies a place among her closest friends: “I have never seen you lose your temper in the 14 years you have been here. I’ve never seen you say one word higher than the other“, Joaquín began by saying to make it clear that she has always been a great boss.


Besides, yesHe has been very grateful to her and her generosity as a professionalhe: “If those around you shine, some ray will always end up reaching you. You have created a great family. I can only say thank you because I have learned everything here. I have learned everything I know about television from youand in the most strictly personal I can say that I have a friend who is almost a sister. Thank you for so much, and thank you for everything.”

With these words, Joaquín managed to make Ana Rosa, who has always been very affectionate with him in public and in private, have to resist the urge to crybecause it made it clear that he did not want to shed tears at his farewell, but finally it has been impossibleespecially when the other colleagues have joined Joaquín: “I am grateful to everyone. If there is a work that is in a team, it is the one on TV. The presenter, the director does not matter… if the whole team is not in favor, it does not work. And for everything to go well, we have to love each other“, she pointed out with a lump in her throat.

Ana Rosa Quintana is excited in the last program of 'El Programa de Ana Rosa'


The farewells of the collaborators of ‘The Ana Rosa program’

Of course, Ana Rosa, who chose a commented look for her ‘goodbye’, is very loved by all her colleagues and workers, and she has not hesitated to boast of it. The journalist and reporter Mayka Navarro has wished him the best in his new stage and The presenter has made it clear that “she still has a bed at home” for when she needs it. On the other hand, Dove Barrientos he thanked him for always being there: “I have been working in this medium for many years, and I have never seen you lose your temper. And I have to say one thing: In the difficult moments of my life, I have always had you by my side.“; Alessandro LequíoFor his part, he recalled that his friendship with Ana Rosa goes beyond television, it is almost like family: “This is not goodbye, it is like a family, we will be here and we will continue. My life has happened here. Many good things. I have met a friend, my daughter’s godmother, and this is how it is: I feel lucky to be part of all this“, he also stated very excited.

The words of Ana Rosa Quintana in her goodbye to ‘The Ana Rosa program’

The presenter has taken advantage of the last minutes of her program to speak to the spectators, of whom he wanted to say goodbye personally looking at the camera after reviewing the world news that we have all been able to see through his program: “I want to say goodbye to you. There is always a first time in life, and there is a last time for everything too, because they say that human beings have to tell stories to survive. we can talk about that 19 years ago we opened this window where we told stories. We were born on January 10, 2005, it was a super cold day, the thermometer marked 1 degree, and since then we have seen how the world has changed“, he pointed out, and he pointed out before saying goodbye, yes, between tears: “This program, when he opened that blind, my youngest children were one and a half months old. And since then, 60 children have been born in this program. I myself have been reborn […]. I will stop saying good morning, but I will say good afternoon. Thank you so much”.

Ana Rosa Quintana cries at the final farewell of the last program of 'El Programa de Ana Rosa'


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