Gianmarco Onestini shows that he does not hold a grudge with his ¿pretty? message to Adara Molinero and Bosco

Although confirmation of the relationship between Adara Miller and Bosco In the final of ‘Survivors’, no one was surprised after weeks fooling around in the reality show, what has caught the attention of many is the intensity with whom they are living their love after returning from Honduras. The lovebirds have made romantic getaways, they have given ‘engagement’ gifts, they have done cosmetic touch-ups together (which unites a lot)… and everyone wants to know what they do and where they are. All but Gianmarco Onestiniex of Adara Molinero, who was very clear this Monday with the Press in the Global Gift Gala. You have everything he said in the above video.

The most philanthropic and supportive night of the year in Marbella left us with the amazing look of Paula Echevarría, but also some striking statements from the Italianwho made it clear that he is not interested in Adara at all but, Despite the fact that they ended their fatal relationship, he does not hold any grudges against him: “I am in another stage of my life. If you are happy, that everything goes great for you. I send you a kiss“he said with a big smile.

Gianmarco, who was already the third time he was invited to this Marbella gala, is not stopping, and on his social networks he records it: after succeeding on Italian television and later on Spanish, he has made the leap to the other side of the pondand is working on various projects with Telemundo in Miami. He couldn’t be happier with how life is going for him, and we are happy for him.

Gianmarco Onestini and Adara Molinero: this was their story from love to hate

The relationship between Adara and Gianmarco was brief but very intenseand it arose in the house of ‘GH VIP 7’. She put the public in her pocket in ‘Big Brother 17’ and he arrived again from ‘beautiful Italy’ to make himself known. She, at that time, he was going through a bad time in his relationship with Hugo Sierra, with whom she had just had a baby, and in the end she ended up falling into the temptation of the Italian. His story made rivers of ink flow and his love was most intense, but when they left, the situation became untenable. After going to live with her, the pandemic hit the whole world in 2020, and after a few weeks dating, he decided to leave everything and return to Italy after a strong discussion with Adara in full confinement.

Gianmarco explained that he had enough reasons to be jealous of Rodri Fuertes, with whom Adara, apparently, had a very good friendship after coinciding in ‘GH 15’. The Italian saw that that relationship exceeded the limits of ‘good vibes’something that Adara flatly denied… but time proved Gianmarco right, because Adara and Rodri started dating in the midst of a pandemic, and their relationship lasted two years, until they finally broke up in the summer of 2022 after several comings and goings. Now both have gone their separate ways: she is with Bosco and Rodri has started dating Marta Castro, Fonsi Nieto’s ex.


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