Pari NN will challenge four judicial decisions in the match with Zenit in the ESC RFU

I’m even very glad that this happens in matches with Zenit – maybe at least the progressive public will finally learn the rules through pain.
And then when Chorluka steps on Azmun, then this is an unaccented attack, we go further, there was nothing.
As a Zenit soldier steps on a Spartach – so immediately “what kind of nonsense is this, an unaccented offensive?”

When, after the VAR, Kecskesh was removed from that also Pari NN in the match against CSKA, this is the norm, we move on.
As soon as in a similar situation they remove against Zenith – so immediately “what kind of removal is this ???”

Well, awareness of the rules comes through the pain of burning fifth points, it’s even better