Alessandro Lequio says goodbye to Ana Rosa Quintana

Today has been a very important and emotional day for Ana Rosa Quintana. This Tuesday, July 25, he has said goodbye forever to the program that has given him so much joy, and it is that ‘The Ana Rosa program’ is leaving the gap for a new space that Joaquín Prat and Ana Terradillos will share. The mornings will be starred by ‘La Mirada crítica’, Ana Rosa becoming queen of the afternoons with her new program ‘AfternoonAr’. Although he is very excited to start this new project, his departure leaves his colleagues ‘orphans’, such as Alessandro Lequio, who has dedicated some emotional words to him. His right hand, Joaquín Prat also wished him the best on this new journey. “I can only say thank you because I have learned everything here. I have learned everything I know about television from you, and in the most strictly personal I can say that I have a friend who is almost a sister. Thank you for so much, and thank you for everything,” the presenter told him, making Ana Rosa cry and Lequio was not far behind.

“For me it is not goodbye. Ana continues. We are still in the family, it is that we are not going to leave. We are still here and we will continue here. This has been an extraordinary adventure. What am I going to tell you. My life has passed through here. I’ve been through a lot with you. Many good things”, began.


There are many anecdotes that they have lived together after 19 years in the program. “I have met a friend, the mother of my daughter and a friend. This is so. I feel very lucky to be a part of all of this.” the collaborator kept saying. The journalist was emotional: “I don’t want to cry, don’t make me cry, please.”

After the emotional words of her colleagues, Ana Rosa said goodbye with a ‘see you later’. “When I got here I had an older son who was in his teens and the little ones had just been born. Now I have an older son who is over 30 and the little ones have gotten their driver’s license. What has happened? A very important part of my life, a third of my life.”


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