Cristina Pedroche tells how her delivery was

Cristina Pedroche has been honest through the networks about how she experienced her delivery. On July 14, the presenter and chef Dabiz Muñoz became the parents of her first daughter. The couple is happy with little Laia and is totally focused on her upbringing. The communicator does take a place to tell how she is living this new experience on social networks For example, how is your postpartum figure or the remedies you are adopting to end mastitis. Through a round of questions on Instagram, the woman from Madrid has told how her experience in childbirth was and she explained it in great detail because if something characterizes Cristina Pedroche it is her naturalness.

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Her delivery was vaginal and natural, and it is that the presenter she didn’t have to use the epidural and she didn’t have a tear either. “On the 13th at 4 in the morning the contractions began with intensity, but they came every 6-10 minutes, so they were still not regular. So I was lying in bed and focused on relaxing each time a more intense uterine wave came. “I changed position as my body asked me. Since 8 in the morning I have already been talking to my midwife and she recommended me to put the Pilates ball in the shower and the truth is that it relieved me a lot.

cristina pedroche

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The communicator was already admitted at 5 cm and Laia was born at 00:10 on July 14. The woman from Madrid did not get an epidural because she endured the pain well. “I didn’t remember her. They did not have to give me medication and the point was reabsorbed”, counted.


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