Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro would have broken up after 3 years of relationship together according to ‘People’ magazine

The arrival of summer affects us in many ways, either because of the incredible heat that the sun brings us and that allows us to put on the coolest outfits to combat it. Or because of the possibility that we have of showing our holidays on social networks to our ‘BFF’, whether we have gone to one of the best Spanish car routes or to the beach in Europe. In addition, the fact that the ‘celebs’ are giving us news that we do not expect, has us on edge and makes us check our phones at all times. And today is just one of those days, because People magazine has given us news that we did not expect at all: Rosalía and Rauw would have broken up (supposedly and according to their sources) after 3 years of relationship. Sorry? Today is a sad day for lovers of this ‘couple goals’.

After seeing how Rosalía showed us the most amazing skirt, in addition to saying ‘bye, bye’ to the ‘Motomami’ era, This news that the American magazine has given has left the world speechless. One of the couples that has given us the most ‘moments’ over 3 years together (with a wedding ring included in their video clip ‘Beso’) would have put an end to their relationship. We are not crying, you are crying.

Despite their love and respect for each other, the singers have decided to end their engagement. A source has told the magazine that it has given the exclusive. Thus, neither of them has given any statement yet, but we will be watching because we are a bit on the ground.

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