Alejandra Rubio defends Terelu Campos de Makoke

Alejandra Rubio has defended her mother tooth and nail from the attacks received by Makoke. The young woman went as a collaborator this Monday, July 25, to ‘Así es la vida’ and she seems to have already done this work. The television gatherings are his thing, and it is that he tries to give everything of it both in ‘Fiesta’ and in the space of the weekday afternoons of Telecinco. The young woman is usually a spokesperson for some family issues and this afternoon she was forced to defend her mother because of Makoke’s accusations. in ‘What a vacation’. Terelu Campos is immersed in the recordings of the new ‘Save me’ for Netflix on the other side of the pond, but people continue to talk about her here in Spain. It was the ex of Kiko Matamoros who told in the reality show that she participates that would have suffered a veto by the presenter in the past.


The relationship between Makoke and Terelu Campos has been bad since the collaborator broke off her relationship with Kiko Matamoros. After listening to the fragment exclusively on the program, Alejandra hallucinated: “Sandra, what a lie, I’m serious, I’m hallucinating”, confessed to the presenter of the program. “Lately lies surround me,” she said between laughs.

“Please, how strong is this… When Makoke leaves this place, I’m going to have a conversation with her because this has already been talked about on TV.” “She gave that information out of the blue, and said that a person, a friend of the owner of the house, had told her that she better not go, but nothing to do with my mother,” she said about her mother’s supposed veto of Makoke. The young woman revealed that this matter had already been resolved. “I have a conversation off set with Makoke, where I say ‘let’s see, who told you this and why, and how did it happen?’, because I was there. To me, my mother tells me everything and we talk about things, and my mother at no time said to me ‘look, Makoke was coming and I prefer that he not come’, no, “she denied.


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