This is how the costs are shared

    Kiko Matamoros and Marta López Álamo speak openly about how they distribute the expenses of their day-to-day life as a couple. Some couples measure to the millimeter what each other invests in the family economy and control the income they have. And others, such as the one formed by the television collaborator and the model, who they do share expenses but without going to 50% or being so precious when it comes to paying rent or food. “The income of the two is shared. Sometimes she pays the monthly payment for the house and other times I pay. We manage our expenses without going to the penny”, has revealed Kiko in the podcast that he shares with his partner ‘Amar para vivir’ on Mtmad, in which they also revealed the details of their sexual life.

    Marta explains that “there are times when I earn more. Other times he does. We have a balanced economy and we decide how we spend the money. He is less saver than me. Kiko is very generous. I give him gifts, but he makes them more expensive and I tell him not to give it to me because I have a greater conscience. I come from a middle class and it gives me more to spend my money than him. You gave your son your Jaguar just because.”

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    The model and influencer confesses that she does not look at Kiko’s bank account nor does she know what the television collaborator earns. “I’ve never known and I’ve never asked him. He doesn’t look at my income either. There are many couples who pay everything halfway, we are lucky not to look at that carefully,” says Marta. Kiko, for her part, acknowledges that they do not skimp on expenses either and if she has to treat herself, she gives it to them because she values ​​”a certain way of life and tries to live her life “according to those tastes”. While Marta defines herself as “more thrifty”.

    Kiko acknowledges that it has been “an economic disaster all my life. I have had bad investments. I know what it’s like to be pute* and having to find €200 to pay for electricity, although apparently it had another level. The mattress of the ‘just in case’ has been left by others “, sentence in reference to his debt with the Treasury, an entity with which he maintains a judicial dispute that he hopes will be resolved soon in his favor.

    kiko matamoros and marta lópez álamo in the podcast 'amar para vivir'

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    Kiko and Marta: fame and money

    The couple also makes reference to the movie ‘Indecent Proposal’ and puts themselves in the role of their protagonists. Marta asks Kiko if for a million euros he would accept someone’s identity proposal. “Let the offers come. Even for €100,000,” replies the television collaborator. An answer that his future wife does not like at all. “And I wouldn’t have anything to say? Me for half a million, no way. But it would be hard for me to accept without talking to you, and yet, you say that it will repamp you, inflate what I think…”.

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