Embassy of the Russian Federation: the United States is not interested in the truth about sabotage at the joint venture | In the world | Politics

Washington does not care that the truth about the sabotage of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream gas pipelines becomes public, the Russian embassy in the United States said.

“The White House is not interested in making public the indigestible truth about the clients and perpetrators of this sabotage,” the diplomatic mission said in a Telegram message.

Note that the events of recent weeks testify to this. In particular, we are talking about numerous “anonymous stuffing” in the American media.

In addition, the diplomats drew attention to statements by the US administration about Washington’s alleged success in strengthening the energy security of its European partners.

The statement also stresses that “the American side doubtfully creates the image of a common external enemy in order to completely reshape commodity markets and does not hesitate to wring the arms of allies.”

The embassy recalled that the United States is forcing its partners to sign contracts under “slavery conditions” for decades to come.

Earlier, diplomats said that US authorities are trying to hide behind the actions of allies in the investigation into the reasons for the weakening of Russian gas pipelines.

On the eve of the media, they learned that Western officials admit involvement of Warsaw or Kiev in the explosions of the Nord Stream and Nord Stream 2 gas pipelines.