Anabel Pantoja reveals that she is undergoing psychological treatment

    Anabel Pantoja has returned to Seville to experience Holy Week surrounded by her loved ones. The influencer is not in her best moment, in just over a year she has experienced hard personal moments: her separation from Omar Sánchez, the death of her father, Bernardo Pantoja; and the recent breakup of her from Yulen Pereira. A host of circumstances that have led her to place herself in the hands of professionalss and follow a psychological treatment, as she herself has revealed. In her native Seville, Kiko Rivera’s cousin has reunited with her lifelong friends, she has seen the procession of her Christ of San Gonzalo, in Triana, and has also answered the questions of journalists who wanted to know how she was after the latest information about Yulen and her.

    Anabel acknowledged that she is “very well. Great and happy”. However, when Yulen’s name appeared in the conversation, everything changed. The reporters wanted to know what she thought about the rumors that Yulen was teasing her with her group of friends. “I don’t know anything about that and I don’t want to know because my psychologist has told me not to contaminate me with things like that. If you don’t mind, I’m going to see my friends, “Anabel replied, making it clear that she is not going to rule on this issue, strictly following the advice that her psychologist has given her.

    Anabel Pantoja and Yulen Pereira, in a file image.


    The influencer did not want to get into controversy nor did he make any reference to the reports that she was consuming more fast food and “prompting” the fencer to skip his diet. “What you are asking me is absurd. She is very childish and very sad,” she stated. AND added that “he (Yulen) is a wonderful being” and at no time has he thought that he “got frogged”.

    Ready to turn the page, Isabel Pantoja’s niece says: “I’m fine, honey. I’m fine, I wish everyone happiness. Enjoy it because, you know what happens? That in the end, life is only one. If you don’t enjoy yourself and you’re bitter, thinking -in general- I’m not talking about Yulen, I’m talking about people, who have to think about enjoying Easter, the Fair, being with family, friends and that’s it. this”.

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