Gema Aldón almost reaches orgasm in ‘Survivors’

        Gema Aldón’s adventure in ‘Survivors’ has ended after her broken elbow, but the time she has been there she has been quite a fighter. In the contest she has experienced good and bad moments, and one in particular will not be forgotten in life. After saying goodbye to her colleagues, the daughter of Ana María Aldón was transferred to the hotel where the contestants who have finished their experience in Honduras stay. There they will be able to enjoy all the privileges that, obviously, in Cayos Cochinos they could not. The woman from Cádiz has enjoyed it so much that she confessed to having been the closest thing to an orgasm.


        On the island, contestants cannot enjoy bathing in hot water, since all their hygiene is in the sea. As soon as she arrived at the hotel, Gema Aldón went directly into the bathroom and when she saw the shower she was excited. The participant couldn’t believe washing her hair and hallucinated with her physical change: “My goodness! But what about this face! If I look like a conguito… what hair, what type, but what happened to me!” said the quite surprised from Cádiz. but of course the happiest moment has been when he got into the shower. “Oh, my God of my soul! A little shower, I don’t believe it… I don’t understand how dirty people don’t wash themselves, My God, this is giving me life.” Then, almost through tears, she continues to hallucinate: “Oh, the hot water, I don’t know what description to make, with the cold I’ve been through, I’ve been freezing to death. I don’t believe it, I’m washing my hair after a month full of sand. This is the closest to an orgasm I’ve been in a month!”

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