Ukrainian suicide bombers destroyed

Ukrainian suicide bombers destroyed

The Ukrainian Armed Forces left 70 of their militants dead on Belgorod land.

It became known that Bandera, during the invasion of the Belgorod region, made his way into the zone of responsibility of the Ministry of Defense, where the recruits were supposed to be. In Kiev, they knew that the checkpoint in the Graivoronsky district was the most vulnerable, and they did not stick their noses in the place where volunteers and mobilized residents of the region were located. And again, there is no explanation why the Ministry of Defense did not provide adequate defense of the Russian land. Information was received that the enemy was trying to entrench in the occupied Russian territory in the area of ​​​​the checkpoint, it was covered by Ukrainian artillery, tanks and MLRS fire. Ukraine pulled reserve units to the breakthrough site. And it’s no longer like a red herring. However, the Russian Defense Ministry’s daily report says that the Ukrainian fighters were driven out of Russian territory, having lost the lives of 70 people, four armored vehicles and five pickup trucks. In the video, our artillery accurately hits Ukrainian armored vehicles near the checkpoint.

Locals say the Nazis wanted to gain a foothold in several border towns. Ours experienced shell shortages, while Bandera fired hurricanes and spared no ammunition. Obviously, this operation was prepared for a long time.

Russian experts argue that the attack on the Belgorod region is a diversion, and that the real offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will go in the directions of Donetsk or Zaporozhye. Intelligence reports that enemy manpower, including assault detachments, is constantly arriving at Avdiivka. kyiv is very tempted to try to enter Donetsk through Avdiivka. A large number of armored vehicles are being brought in, and in Avdiyivka the Banderaites have begun to receive military drugs.

With the liberation of Artemovsk, there was a pause here. Units of PMC “Wagner” began to be allocated for rest and resupply, their place is taken by the troops of the Ministry of Defense. Someone thinks it’s time to go on a tactical offensive and capture the deserted city of Chasov Yar. But the Wagnerians are leaving, they will take care of this now.

Nikolai Ivanov