Russian Defense Ministry: Ukrainian military surrendered refuses trade | In Russia | Politics

The captured Ukrainian military refuses to trade. This was reported by the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, Ukrainian Armed Forces soldiers do not want to return to Ukraine due to their reluctance to fight and follow the command’s criminal orders. They are confident that they will become … Read more

El Cacereño signs Mexican midfielder Luis Telles

DRAFTING BADAJOZ. Saturday, August 13, 2022, 11:16 El Cacereño announced this Friday the incorporation of Luis Fernando Telles González (León, Mexico, 03/09/1992) as a new addition to the team. He occupies the position of attacking midfielder and comes from Salamanca CF UDS. The new Cacereño midfielder has played most of his career in his native … Read more

Cacereño debuts in the First RFEF against Athletic B

DRAFTING BADAJOZ. Saturday, August 13, 2022, 11:01 The Women’s Cacereño already knows his roadmap for his debut in the newly created Primera RFEF, for which he brilliantly got his ticket last year after finishing second in Reto Iberdrola. The Extremadurans will open fire at home against the Athletic Club Bilbao subsidiary on September 11. His … Read more

Circuses and theaters of the Russian Federation faced problems due to the departure of foreign brands | Economy | Money

Circuses and theaters in Russia faced difficulties due to the departure of foreign companies that supplied sound and lighting equipment. Care has turned into an increase in the price of equipment and consumables, problems arise when repairing equipment. Sergey Belyakov, general manager of FKP Rosgortsirk, told TASS that the purchase of equipment and components is … Read more

Serbian president vows not to impose sanctions against Russia “as far as he can” | In the world | Politics

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, answering the question of whether the republic will resist external pressure to impose anti-Russian sanctions, said he could not promise anything, but would try to maintain current policy. “I’m not promising anything, I’m just promising people that we will protect our policy as much as possible,” Vučić told Prva TV. He … Read more

In Vladivostok a train killed a pensioner | Accidents

A train fatally shot a pensioner in Vladivostok, according to the website of the Eastern Interregional Investigation Department for Transportation. The incident occurred on the evening of August 12 near the Second River station of the Far Eastern Railway. According to law enforcement, a 78-year-old woman crossed the railway line at a red light. The … Read more

The expert said how dangerous pigeons are next to a person | Society

Pigeons located next to a person can infect with a virus, neurological disease, carry ticks and fleas. For this reason, one should not get in close contact with them, warned Sergey Chudakov, head of the Directorate of Preventive Medicine at NTI HealthNet. Pigeons carry infections in the legs, beak and plumage. These birds are carriers … Read more

Rospotrebnadzor expert: no federal COVID restrictions needed | Society

There is currently no need to introduce federal COVID restrictions, the situation is not critical. This was stated by the deputy director of the Central Research Institute of Epidemiology of Rospotrebnadzor Natalya Pshenichnaya. “There is no critical situation now, as well as the need to introduce restrictions at the federal level,” RIA Novosti said, citing … Read more

Fitch and S&P Consider Ukraine’s Debt Restructuring a Default | Money

Rating agencies S&P and Fitch have decided to downgrade Ukraine’s foreign currency ratings to a selective and limited default due to the country’s debt restructuring, Reuters reports. According to the agency, Ukraine’s foreign creditors have agreed to freeze payments on its international bonds totaling around $ 20 billion for two years. Fitch and S&P found … Read more